Frequently Asked Questions

If your Mesh AeroPress® Metal Filter doesn't fit right out of the box, follow this step by step fitting guide
1. Check if the AeroPress locks with 1 paper filter first. If it does, take the paper filter out and try the metal filter again.
2. If the lid still does not lock try fitting multiple paper filters until the unit can take the metal filter.
3. If you are still can't get your filter to fit please feel free to Contact Us


All permanent Aeropress filters work best with finely ground coffee (think espresso or drip grind).
If your current batch of coffee is not of a fine grind, we recommend using the Inverted Brew Method. This classic Aeropress trick is used by many to increase brew times and enhance flavor. Give it a shot!

The inverted brewing method for the AeroPress is by far the best way to brew the best cup of coffee. Once you try this method you will never go back. By brewing inverted this enables you to steep the grinds for as long as you'd like with NO water seeping through the filter. Here is a quick video showing you how to brew inverted.