March 26, 2019

The Best Pre-Ground Coffee for Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Let's be real, not all of us have all the time in the world to grind our own coffee to the perfect grind size for making cold brew coffee. Even if we do have some time, we likely have a pretty cheap grinder that gets the job done, but still nothing to write home about regarding the grounds consistency. 

That being said, I find it totally okay to go ahead and purchase some pre-ground coffee when making cold brew. However, unless you have a coffee sifter to separate the coarser grounds from the fine, not all pre-ground coffee will do. 

Luckily, there are a handful of companies out there that are grinding coffee specifically for cold brew - coarse, consistent, less silty, and allow for even extraction. The grounds size of the these coffees is perfect for The TUBE Cold Brew Coffee Makers and we couldn't recommend them more. In no particular order here are three of our favorites...


Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Makers


Bizzy carries three flavors in three different sized bags. With almost 400 Reviews at an average of 4.5 Stars you can't go worng with some Bizzy Cold Brew. 

Shop Bizzy Cold Brew On


Stone Street Coffee Company: Cold Brew

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Stone Street seems to be the fan favorite with almost 800 reviews with 4.6 Stars. With amazingly rich and bold flavors with dark chocolate notes, you may have to go with the 5 pound bag. 

Shop Stone Street on


Tiny Footprint Coffee - Cold Brew Press Elixir

Tiny Foot Print Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We love how this company is carbon negative. Part of the profits from every bag sold go toward reforestation in Ecuador. Oh and the coffee tastes great too. At almost 500 reviews averaging 4.2 Stars you can be sure Tiny Footprint cold brew coffee will make you feel good in more than just a caffeine high. 

Shop Tiny Footprint on

The coffees work great with our TUBE Cold Brew Coffee Filter for Ball Mason Jars. Give them a shot and let us know what you think. 



May 06, 2017

Super Cool AeroPress Kit featuring The MESH AeroPress Filter

So we came across this awesome article today about Outside Magazine's Wes Silers super cool AeroPress kit titled Never Drink Gas Station Coffee Again

The article is a couple weeks old so forgive us if you've already seen it but we just had to share. 

This guy has taken his AeroPress travel kit to a whole new level. The best part about this kit in our opinion is the AeroPress Filter of choice. That's right! The MESH AeroPress Filter is featured in the main photo, mentioned in the article and he even links to our amazon listing. 

Check out the Outside Online article here.

Never Drink Gas Station Coffee Again

AeroPress Kit with Filter

May 06, 2017

KINJA DEALS gives The Mesh: Metal Filter for the AeroPress a shout out!

A big thank you to Kinja Deals for recommending The Mesh: Stainless Steel  Filter for the AeroPress

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March 30, 2017

3 Different Filters, 3 Different Brews

3 Different Filters, 3 Different Brews

Did you know that ALTURA has 3 different types of filters for the AeroPress? Whether you like to brew with coarse grinds and long steeps times or super fine grinds and shorter steep times, ALTURA has you covered. All of our filters are available on where you can get FREE two day shipping as a PRIME Member . Add another filter to your AeroPress kit today!
Crafted from ultra-fine stainless steel fabric, this grind minimizing filter will amaze you the first time you see it.

- Finer Grind Sizes
- Shorter Steep Times
- Espresso Type Brews
Our Most durable and easiest to clean. Great for brewing bold, rustic and strong coffee. 

- Coarser grind sizes
- Longer Steep Times
- French Press type brews
Stainless steel mesh with a reinforced outer ring the MESH is both durable and great for those finer grinds

- Medium to Fine Grinds
- 2-3 Minute Steep Times
- Drip or Pour Over type brews
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March 07, 2017

These 7 coffee gadgets will finally make you a morning person

Anytime we stumble upon an article that gives the AeroPress some recognition we cannot help but to share it. We are amazed when talking among friends and family how many people still have not heard of the AeroPress yet. It is fair to say that the AeroPress is nowhere near its peak in popularity. Pretty soon you will be seeing AeroPress coffee makers in hip coffee shops every where just like you see the V60 pour overs.

Check out this article by entitled These 7 coffee gadgets will finally make you a morning person

Look who's #1! That's right. The AeroPress! 

Here at ALTURA we have 3 different types of AeroPress Reusable Metal Filters. 

The DISC for coarser grinds, The MESH for finer grinds and The ULTRA for all grinds. 

Today we are going to run a special on all of our AeroPress Reusable Metal Filters in honor of this article. Use code SUNSET at check out to save 15% at checkout. 

December 21, 2016

The World AeroPress Championship Recipe Replicated with The ULTRA

We recently came across this great article by Sprudge where they highlight the young Polish barista Filip Kucharczyk's world championship recipe. We thought we'd give it a shot using our ULTRA filter to see how it tasted

Order The ULTRA Filter Today and Never Buy Paper filters Again

Sure enough, it makes sense why the recipe won the World AeroPress Championship. We love how it calls for the inverted method as we find that is the best way to brew with all of our AeroPress metal filters. 

The recipe is as follows...

Inverted method

Dry coffee: 35 grams

Grind: coarse

Paper filter: rinsed ( We used The ULTRA)

Water temperature: 81 C

Start the timer

Pour 150 grams of water for 15 seconds

Stir until 30 seconds on the timer

Put the lid on, wait until 1 minute on the timer

Invert AeroPress, give it a swirl, plunge

Add 100 to 120 grams of water to taste

Go ahead and give it a shot. If you think its good with a paper filter you gotta give it a try with the ULTRA.

Order The ULTRA Filter Today and Never Buy Paper filters Again\

Read the entire Sprudge article and interview HERE

March 18, 2015

Kill the K-Cup

Coming from a environmental point of view, we here at AeroPress Metal Filters could never imagine using a K-Cup ever again. We stumbled upon this article the other day by The Atlantic entitled A Brewing Problem: What's the healthiest way to keep everyone caffeinated? The article is great, the video is better



Kill The K Cup from Charles Wahl on Vimeo.


Switching to the AeroPress and using an AeroPress Metal Filter will completely eliminate the creation of any trash while making a cup of coffee. So I think its fair to say that you won't be seeing any Kill The AeroPress videos anytime soon. 


August 12, 2014

Making Tea with your AeroPress and The Mesh AeroPress Metal Filter

Did you know that you can make an awesome cup of loose leaf tea with your AeroPress?

Using the inverted brewing method, add your loose leaf tea of choice into the chamber, add hot water and stir, place your Mesh AeroPress Metal Filter over the chamber and lock it in place with the cap. Let it sit for about 4 minutes and flip it over to press a fresh cup of tea. 

Note that this is only possible with The Mesh: Aeropress Metal Filter. You cannot use a paper filter because the loose leaf stems will tare the paper. Not only that but the paper will filter out too much of the teas flavor.


Try it and let us know what you think.

*** For those of you wondering what kind of tea is brewed in the photos above, it is a White Mulberry Tea from Pura Vida Supplements. It's supposed to be some real healthy stuff :)