The World AeroPress Championship Recipe Replicated with The ULTRA

We recently came across this great article by Sprudge where they highlight the young Polish barista Filip Kucharczyk's world championship recipe. We thought we'd give it a shot using our ULTRA filter to see how it tasted

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Sure enough, it makes sense why the recipe won the World AeroPress Championship. We love how it calls for the inverted method as we find that is the best way to brew with all of our AeroPress metal filters. 

The recipe is as follows...

Inverted method

Dry coffee: 35 grams

Grind: coarse

Paper filter: rinsed ( We used The ULTRA)

Water temperature: 81 C

Start the timer

Pour 150 grams of water for 15 seconds

Stir until 30 seconds on the timer

Put the lid on, wait until 1 minute on the timer

Invert AeroPress, give it a swirl, plunge

Add 100 to 120 grams of water to taste

Go ahead and give it a shot. If you think its good with a paper filter you gotta give it a try with the ULTRA.

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Read the entire Sprudge article and interview HERE