The Disc Fine


SLIMMER AND FINER: The DISC FINE is for those who want to take their AeroPress brewing to the next level. This 150 Micron filter is sure to to filter out the finest of fines. Upgrade to the DISC FINE Today!

ENHANCED TASTE & FLEXIBILITY: The DISC FINE allows for the passage of healthy oils normally filtered out by paper filters. It’s great for traveling or camping, allowing you to leave your paper filters at home. The filter also works great with coarser grind sizes (like french press) that require longer steep time

GREAT FOR TRAVEL No more plastic baggies full of paper filters. Simply lock the DISC FINE in between the AeroPress Chamber and Cap and be on your way.

RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Our filters come with a “No questions asked” 90-Day Money Back Guarantee AND a Lifetime Warranty. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose.

BONUS eBOOK: Our eBOOK contains great information for the AeroPress beginner as well as recipes and tips for experienced brewers.


DISC Fine: 670221849445

DISC Fine XL: 198168211489

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